The Employability & Enterprise Skills Experience
  • 83% of students agree employability skills improved after participating in the UBC

  • The UBC has helped over 32,000 students with employability and enterprise skills

  • Congratulations to Loughborough University - winners of the first UBC Postgraduate Global Masters Grand Final

  • "Because of doing the UBC I was selected for a placement out of 150 candidates"

  • Congratulations to the University of Glasgow winners of the UBC UK Undergraduate Grand Final 2018-19

  • “Thank you - the UBC was one of my top experiences at university”

  • Entries open in April for UBC UK 2019-20 at Early Bird discount rate

Student employability skills development & experiential learning

Carefully designed simulations with learning outcomes mapped against employment skills - such as those used in the UBC - are an effective way of developing enterprise, entrepreneurship and employability skills. Independent research shows:

The UBC is designed around Learning Dynamics business simulations as a competitive experiential learning challenge to develop employability skills required in the workplace:

  • Analytical skills
  • Commercial awareness
  • Influencing skills
  • Leadership
  • Planning and organising
  • Time-management
  • Team-working
  • A results-driven approach
  • Financial awareness
  • Innovation in problem-solving
  • Managing the customer relationship

The Universities Business Challenge is particularly effective in developing these skills. In addition, a research study conducted in conjunction with Canterbury Christ Church University’s Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, the findings were that the UBC also develops the following outcomes:

  • promotes social learning
  • develops enterprise skills and competencies
  • encourages an entrepreneurial mindset
  • helped participants develop their enterprise and entrepreneurial skills
  • and provides an employability learning experience that cannot be achieved in class

Quick Overview


  • Learning Dynamics simulations designed into the UBC helps to develop the workplace skills employers are looking for via experiential learning
  • Students build their profile and add something significant to their CV
  • Each team member is presented with a certificate of participation which can be added to your co-curricular record as evidence of employability skills development
  • Opportunity to meet leading graduate employers
  • Top three teams win cash prizes


  • Open to all UK undergraduates from any faculty – preferably penultimate year students, but they can be from any year
  • Students participate in teams of up to 5 members


  • Students compete and run a series of realistic, simulated businesses:
  • Round 1 – run on-line over the internet for 6 weeks
  • Round 2 – live one-day regional Semi-Finals
  • Round 3 – live one-day Grand Final


  • The 3 round format starts the last week in October and ends the last week in March the following year

Time commitment?

  • In Round 1, two hours a week for the first two weeks while you are familiarising yourself with the simulation.  One hour per week thereafter. Round 1 runs for 6 weeks

Learning Outcomes?

  • The learning outcomes which result from participation are mapped against the skills employers are looking for in their graduate intake
  • 83% of participants agree they their employability skills improved through participating in the UBC

Resources needed?

  • Computer, internet access and printer

Team registration process?

  • Team registration is open from April to October (until advertised closing date) via this website
  • Register the number of teams you want to enter
  • Then nominate team leaders as early in the new academic year as possible
  • Team member names only required upon commencement of the UBC

Team participation process in Round 1?

  • Registered teams are sent logins to the simulation website
  • All resources are available on the website
  • UBC provides a team helpdesk
  • All team decisions are uploaded on-line
  • Results are displayed on-line each week

UBC management team support?

  • The UBC team is here to make the registration and participation process as simple and beneficial as possible

Team support?

  • Teams find lecturer or educator support beneficial in terms of team dynamics and decision making
  • Guidance and resources are provided to educators by the UBC team

Round 2 Semi-Finals:

  • Approximately 25% of teams go through to the Round 2 one-day live semi-finals
  • These are held in February to March at regional venues throughout the UK
  • They are hosted by our Employer Partners

Round 3 Grand Final:

  • The top 10 teams go through to the Round 3 Grand Final run live over one day in the third week of March hosted by the lead Employer Partner

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